introducing Mikankisu

the fruit omakase

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What is fruit omakase™?

Mikankisu is one simple concept - the best seasonal luxury Japanese fruit selected for you, and presented in a beautiful gift box. Behind this simple idea, it's an arduous journey to source the absolute best Japanese fruit - the freshest, ripest, best-looking and most delicious from Japan's top growers.

The Japanese concept of "Shun (旬)" is no stranger to sushi lovers. At good sushiya, chefs gradually change their menus from month to month, serving what they believe to be the finest. Mikankisu is simply a fine sushiya for fruit. You leave it to us to select what we believe to be the best fruit today.

All fruit we selected will be beautifully presented in a custom made wood box. If it's a gift for someone, we'll engrave the box with recipient's name free of charge.